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Buying a Quality CBD Vape Oil

How to Select a Quality CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil is a very beneficial product to make use of, as it helps with a plethora of different medical ailments. Although that is the case, you’ll need to be sure that you’re putting your money into the right products – there is a lot of bogus stuff out there in the CBD vape oil word, so finding a quality CBD vape oil may not be as easy as you had initially hoped.

There are several different traits to look for in a CBD oil, all of which we’re going to talk about here. After you’re done reading through this article, you should have absolutely no problem identifying the highest quality CBD vape oil you can buy.

Figuring out whether the product is reliable or not before making a purchase is crucial. After all, who really wants to be wasting their money on useless stuff? The CBD oil industry is growing incredibly fast, and that means there are going to be con-artists trying to hop on board. We’ve done a bit of research ourselves to figure out what exactly makes the best CBD oils so good, as well as why they’re considered the best.

Finding Gold: Identifying the Traits

There are several traits to look for in a high-quality CBD oil, and most of them are going to be quite obvious. CBD oil consists of Cannabidiol; even though it’s present in marijuana, most of the CBD products that you consume are going to be made from hemp.

THC is the chemical in marijuana that makes people feel high, but CBD is the one that offers up the medical benefits of marijuana; it’s like getting the medicine without the high (which is fantastic in the eyes of many). It’s a much more versatile chemical than THC, but that also means that people will try and take advantage of you with low-quality extracts.

CBD oil quality is going to vary from vendor to vendor, and if you aren’t careful, you could get your hands on some that are laced with toxins. As scary as it sounds, if you’re capable of doing a little research (and can dedicate your time to finding a quality CBD vape oil!), you’ll be just fine. Let’s take a look at a couple of things to look out for when identifying a high-quality CBD oil.

Manufacturing Process

How a CBD vape oil is manufactured is going to mean a lot when the final product comes out on the other side. Since the industry of CBD oil is relatively young, there aren’t experienced manufacturing processes put into place yet – some CBD oil brands that you come across are going to make use of a different extraction process than their competitors. In fact, there are companies that are going to put profits above everything else; they’ll use the most inexpensive form of manufacturing possible if they can.

As a result, this means that harmful chemicals such as propane or hexane could make their way into your CBD oil, as well as butane. Another process that companies use is ethanol extraction. They make use of organic ethanol to extract CBD oil from the hemp plants, and it’s considered the best process for having high yields (meaning that you’ll have a lot more oil per hemp plant). It’s also supposedly the safest way to manufacture CBD oil for consumption by humans.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is another form that companies use, and it’s essentially taking carbon dioxide and applying it in a cold room. The equipment needed for this process is not only expensive but somewhat hard to obtain – it’s the only way to ensure that your CBD oil is 100%} pure throughout the entire process.

Hemp Sources

If your CBD vape oil is made from a lackluster hemp source, you’re going to notice. It’s not going to contain as much Cannabidiol as you’d like, and it’s probably going to mean a low quality CBD vape oil all around. Hemp plants have the ability to absorb just about anything around them in the ground, so if it’s a crop that hasn’t been cared for in the professional sense, it’s going to come through when the oil is made. High-quality hemp leads to high-quality CBD oil, and it’s as simple as that.

THC Content

Hemp is the preferred form of stock to use when creating CBD oil as it has more Cannabidiol in it than marijuana. Marijuana contains more THC than CBD, which is the chemical that gives you a feeling of being “high”; since hemp has much lower levels of THC to be considered, it’s the most optimal base to be used for CBD oil extraction.

Although the amount of THC present in a quality CBD oil is very low, there is still the possibility of receiving psychoactive effects if the CBD oil hasn’t been processed properly. There are a lot of hemp plants to be considered during the extraction process, and it’s not like you can keep track of the THC count for every individual stock.

You can check the label of CBD oil products for something that says “Whole-Plant” or “Full Spectrum” on it. This means that whole plants were used during the extraction process, even though CBD Isolates are considered to be the favored option these days.


On top of everything else, you can just check out reviews and see what people have to say about a particular product. We’re in the era of sharing our personal opinion on the internet, and if people have negative things to say about the products they’ve purchased in the past, you should heed their warning.

Sites typically have a review section, but if they don’t, all you need to do is use a search engine like Google. Most of the upper-echelon brands will have plenty of reviews for you to skim through, most of which are going to talk about how great the product is. There will always be false reviews and people trying to bad mouth competitors with negativity, but you should be able to identify a truth from a lie with ease.

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