CBD Genesis e-Liquid: Is It Any Good? Let’s Find Out!

What exactly is CBD Genesis e-liquid?

CBD Genesis e-liquid is the most concentrated and the best-selling CBD vape oil sold by CBD Genesis. The e-liquid was designed to aid sleep, relaxation, and stress and anxiety relief, which are all that we need in our daily hustle and bustle. The famous CBD vape oil of CBD Genesis contains a full spectrum of CBD oil, vegetable glycerin, and emulsifier or Polysorbate 80. Since it contains CBD instead of THC, it is legal to be used regardless of where you are in the country. You don’t even need a prescription from a physician to buy the product.

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The Benefits of Using CBD Genesis e-Liquid

As we’ve tried out the product for ourselves, here are the things that we have found out:

  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • It won’t show in any drug test.
  • It can be sold and bought in all fifty states.

The company claims that their product can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It is even claimed to be good for anti-aging. Although we can’t rely verify on those claims, there have already been lots of studies conducted which proved that a decreased level of stress hormones in the body can result to a decreased likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer, and other stress-related illnesses. And because CBD Genesis e-Liquid helps you relax and sleep well at night, you are also reducing your chances of getting stress-related illnesses. Also, CBD Genesis e-liquid is a concentrated CBD vape oil, which means you can really enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

Final Thoughts About CBD Genesis e-Liquid

What we love about CBD Genesis e-Liquid is the fact that it is concentrated. What’s more, it can be bought without any prescription, plus you won’t be fearing that you might fail a drug test and lose your job in the process. Although it is quite new to the market, we can say that it is a reliable e-Liquid to use as we’ve tried it for ourselves.

Furthermore, the company that produces CBD Genesis e-Liquid listed the ingredients found in their products, which is commendable. It is unusual for a company to do so, especially in the e-Liquid industry, making some people feel really uncomfortable to use their products. If you want to know what you are taking in and/or putting in your e-cigarette, and you also want to benefit from CBD, then we suggest you get CBD Genesis e-Liquid for yourself.

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Genesis CBD

15-16 cents per mg.





Manufacturing, Marketing and Packaging




Quality Control



  • Decent Efficacy


  • CBD Potency Testing Only

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