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CBDistillery Brand Review

CBDistillery is one of the most successful and popular producers of CBD products.  They have a considerable following which includes famous athletes that endorse and represent their brand. They have thousands of rave reviews from their customers who are happy to testify about their experiences with the products.   The company have been featured in many popular publications such as USA Today, Yahoo!, High Times and Weedmaps.  All of CBDistillery’s products are 100% natural and are thoroughly and frequently tested.  Their blog is a great place to look at to see all that is new and exciting in the industry and with the company.

You can read lots of customer reviews and all the ways in each they feel these products have improved their quality of life.  The range of products made for pets also stand out as performing very well. There is extensive information on the research and innovation that is going into CBDistillery’s productions.  The company are very transparent in their production techniques, detailing how their raw materials are sourced and how the quality is assured.

The wide variety of items they have available on their online shop is impressive and has experienced CBD users recommending them.  CBDistillery have been so good at maintaining their high standard of production, as well as quality of their tinctures that they have been named #3manufactures of CBD products in the world!


Many experienced CBD users describes the efficacy of CBDistillery products as very good or as good as they hoped for.

Their tinctures allows you to feel relaxed, there is a notable calming feeling as the product is used. Some of the products aid in getting and staying asleep providing a restful night.   Other tinctures promote the feeling of boosted energy.  Use over time will give an improved overall feeling.  The pet products even work well for dogs as they seem significantly more happy and comfortable.


The flavors of the tinctures s are pleasant overall.  Some customers enjoy some flavors more than others.  There is a variety of interesting flavors such as grape, strawberry lemonade and cherry pie.   There are great combinations of flavors too, like lavender and vanilla.  There are variety packs that you can buy that contain different flavors.  This makes being able to experiment with the different kinds much easier.

Manufacturing, Marketing and Packaging


CBDistillerys provides the safety information and instructions under the description of every product they sell.  They are very forthcoming and transparent with the ingredients and make up of their products.

FDA Compliance

All CBD manufacturers are prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration from making any claims regarding the ability of their products to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any health issue.

CBDistillery states that none of their products are FDA evaluated and do not recommend them to be used in that way.


CBDistillery have created ideal and functional packaging for their products.  The oils come in handy 30ml bottles that includes oil dropper for ease of use.  Their vape pens are designed to have a sleek and streamline look.  Many customers appreciate that they are not bulky and they are able to be carried in the shirt pocket just like an ink pen.  The little jars are neatly designed, with the product easily accessible.  The orders are delivered in attractive and impressive packages that are securely wrapped.


Many experienced CDB users believe that CBDistillery’s products are very good value for money, especially compared to other manufactures with similar quantities of product.  CBDistillery has put some items on sale which makes them even better value for money.  They also put some products together in variety packs, these generally reduces the price per item and offers more value to their customers who choose to buy this way.

Quality Control

Quality Control at CBDistillery is managed well.  They have criteria that all their plants must satisfy, these are consistently tested to ensure that they meet the CBDistillery standards.  Their products are made from pesticide free, non-GMO, industrial hemp.  Growing their plants outdoors under natural sunlight allows their products to be organically sourced.All their products are regularly tested to verify their quality and consistency.  They maintain a consistent level of quality across all the ranges of items they produce.  CBDistillery have been so successful in this that they have been awarded number 3 of the best CBD oils in the world!

Lab Testing

All the products CBDistillery produce are fully lab tested.  You can find the up to date certificates of the results of the tests on their website.

3rd party Lab testing

CBDistillery proudly display their 3rd party lab tested certification on their website.  All of their products are tested for purity and potency.

Testing Method

CBDistillery ensures tests are done at every stage of production to ensure best practice is maintained as well as the quality, purity and potency of every product.

Cannabinoid Profile

The company test their plants to ensure that they contains other potentially beneficial cannabinoids.


The company uses safe solvents and a verified extraction method.  CBDistillery do additional testing to ensure their products contain no potentially harmful solvents or microbial contaminants.

Terpene Profile

The CBDistillery’s terpene product “Terpsolate” has been described as one of the most full flavored CBD products available. This product combines their hemp-derived CBD Isolate which is 99% pure with strain-specific, hemp-derived terpenes that creates unique and aromatic concentrates.


Microbiological Screening is a test that looks for any unwanted microorganisms or harmful biological material in the product.

Heavy Metals

This test is carried out to check for the presence of any harmful heavy metals in the product. Tests have shown that CBDistillery’s products do not contain heavy metal contamination.

Dose or Dump It Verdict: Dose it!


0.06 cents/mg





Manufacturing, Marketing and Packaging




Quality Control



  • Award winning brand!
  • All certifications are available to see on their website
  • They offer high quality, pure products.
  • The have great customer service and returns policy.
  • Great pricing


  • They use some artificial flavors.


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