The Full Fledged CBD Oil Tinctures Guide

“Tincture” is such an obscure word, it makes me think of something ethereal and hard-to-reach. As if I was approaching a potion master back in the dark ages just to get myself a fix for the day! With all the summoning and weird stuff like that.

Anyways, a CBD oil tinctures are basically just a fancy name for the juice extracted by the plant. It is basically a liquid to be further tinkered with (with nutritious oils) and later on consumed.

With that out of the way, let’s get more specific.

Why CBD Oil Tinctures?

Why would anyone want to use tinctures when there are pills, vapes and other forms of ingestion available?

There are numerous reasons why, but let’s list a few of them and see the picture become much clearer.


This is a huge one.

Everyone’s yapping on about potency and bioavailability and other stuff like that. It doesn’t have to be just about the product itself, the way any consumer feels about using it is even more important than anything.

Since CBD oil tinctures are stored in small bottles that have an integrated dropper at the top of the vial, there are no additional tools needed to get the CBD inside of your system.

Think about vapes and the fact that you have to make additional room for them, while also maintaining room temperature at all times and taking care of the vape not slipping away or meddling with other items in your bag.

It’s just a mess to deal with all that bull and for that reason, tinctures take it over any other form when it comes to portability.


CBD Oil TincturesDidn’t expect this one, did you?

Many people are in this sort of ‘quantity frenzy’, where they believe that if you don’t get the maximum amount of product out of something, that it is rendered useless.

That is a very narrow way of looking at our world as if food and other edibles were nothing but quantity and weight to them.

Think about expensive perfume or drinks that you couldn’t imagine your life without and yet you still give up a fortune just to have them (in relation to the amount of the product gained).

There’s a similar story resolving with potency. While there’s certainly been a shift in the way of thinking about CBD and not equating it as a means to get high, many still want ‘more CBD’ for their buck.

This is not always the case, especially when you want to microdose. Microdose? Yes, other drugs such as LSD, MDMA and even cocaine are used on a regular basis just to brighten up the day a little bit.

With CBD oil, since all of us have different tolerance levels and breaking points, some people experience the onset of effects way too fast and way too strong.

That’s why many of them reconcile in the fact that low-to-moderate is way better than ‘as much as possible’.

This is where tinctures really shine: You can determine when the onset is to occur (if put under tongue, sooner, if eaten, later) and since you know that bioavailability is a thing (screw you, liver!), you can rest assured that the dose won’t hit hard and will just smoothen out the day, giving you a nice buzz throughout the day.

‘Alright genius, so why not simply take a lower dose of CBD oil in another way? Isn’t it the same?’

Not in the least, since onset and strength of onset are delayed and much more evenly distributed throughout the duration, the effects are experienced quite differently with each method of ingestion.


I’m quite nefarious for preferring the strong, woody taste of CBD oil so this one doesn’t apply to me. Still, there are people that simply can’t deal with the taste and have to resolve the issue with sweeteners or other additives.

That is all well and good, but when you consider edibles and other forms of storage, the fact still remains that mixing sweeteners into tinctures is not only the most effective but the only efficient way of doing it.

Make it as saucy or as sugary as you wish, there are literally thousands of different flavors available and all of them have been designed with putting you at ease during consumption.

Price Tag

This has to be the most interesting one out of the lot. Remember how I told you about the small bioavailability of CBD oil tinctures?

This is a perfect example where we get to see just how value is defined in our society. No matter how skewed or wrong that definition may be, as long as those opinions are held by a large majority, the facts remain unchanged.

Taking CBD oil into the equation, we see how potency plays a huge role in determining the price of any individual product.

This means that CBD oil tinctures will be seen as ‘less valuable’ since an individual consumer can extract ‘less product’ out of the item.

I’ve already proven how wrong that view is in the potency section and I’m sure that there are more factors at play besides potency (methodology, time constraints, products used…) but is still a very interesting thing to point out.

To conclude, you’ll pay less money for using tinctures and you’ll get what you want in the end.

So, win-win for you!

Using CBD Oil Tinctures

I’ve already briefly mentioned the two most popular forms of using tinctures, that being the ‘under the tongue’ method and the simpler, ‘eat it and later meet it’ option.

Another important distinction to make is between the types of droppers available.

You’ll have to pay close attention to that before you buy any sort of tinctures, since some droppers, especially the plastic ones, break down quite easily.

Additionally, droppers differentiate in form and design, so please do your due diligence when buying a tincture.

It isn’t that horrid of a problem, but still, if you’re paying for it, you deserve to get the full service.

To not turn this into a pasteur pipette write-up, just remember to ask the company in question if they have glass droppers, since they, from vast personal experience, seem to be a lot more suited for the job.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of these two methods. Hopefully, this will let you decide what option is better for you. Personally speaking, I like to mix it up and go with my gut, but we’ll save that for later on.


Simply put the CBD oil tincture under your tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW immediately or the entire process turns into an abridged version of the second method.

The reason why anyone would want to put a foreign extract under their tongue is threefold:

Firstly, they want to experience the fine taste of the tincture they are imbuing. I’m a huge sucker for this one as I really enjoy all the different flavors CBD oil has to offer.

A good second reason would have to be the speed of onset. Sometimes, especially when in pain, you want the tincture to do its magic right now and not in some arbitrary time frame.

Lastly, since we don’t always have food available near us and ‘eating’ pure CBD oil tinctures can cause an upset stomach, this alternative seems to be the most appropriate at such times.

Just hold the tincture for two to three minutes and you should be fine. Most of the extract has already been absorbed through your cheek tissues and right into your bloodstream!


This method is preferred by those that are in need of CBD oil but do have quite the peculiar stomach to deal with.

I’m no stranger to that and while it doesn’t affect me personally, I’ve seen how bad the reactions can be on one of my close friends.

It’s also a lot more convenient if you’re searching for a light buzz to get you through the day, it’s basically designed for those that just need a small drop of it to feel the right amount of good.

What I also like to do while cooking up a meal and especially a salad is to toss in a bit of CBD oil in there.

I know it sounds weird, but you’ll have to trust me on this one- Experiment for a little bit and once you find the perfect flavor, eating salad becomes that much more of an enjoyable experience.

While it is generally not recommended to heat CBD oil, I’ve never had any personal problems with it. Potency might get affected, but if you’re more about taste and serendipity, you’ll find enjoyment in it!


While my views on CBD oil tinctures might seem a bit odd at first, as a long-term user, I can solemnly promise you that CBD is a lot more than just an ail for your ills.

It’s a lifestyle choice and a very good one, to say the least.

You can ameliorate any bad day and turn it into a decent one with just a small drop of a tincture: How awesome is that?!

To not get sidetracked (I do that a lot!), CBD tinctures are a godsend to those that either has problems with the full dose, enjoy the finer things in life or see wallet moths flying out when the time to pay is due.

Whatever the reason may be, imbuing tinctures is an amazing and ever-so-popular method of usage and I see no reason why you shouldn’t engage into it.

Especially now that you’re equipped with all this new knowledge on the craft!

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