Hemp Bombs CBD Products Review

Hemp Bombs, a newlywed CBD oil company originating from the finest of European arts joins the fray, entering the US market, taking everything and everyone by storm.

From gummies to syrups and shots to capsules, they got it all and they mean business.

Claiming to be the promised Messiah that will rejuvenate quality CBD oil in the US, their competitive prices, as well as their massive marketing campaigns, are making them a serious contender to entering the top brass.

But how much merit do they really have? Are they just another refurbished and repackaged sham business that is here to churn and burn its users?!

Or do they really represent a shift in the market, a ripple whose tide will ravage any and all competition, that will truly bring closure to millions of Americans seeking for the one true remedy?

Read this write-up in its entirety and you’ll find the answer.

Hemp Bombs Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD GummiesI was very reluctant gorging myself on any sort of gummies, not after an incident I had last year: A friend of mine told me to try a few sugarless gummy bears and see what they taste like.

I, as a certified maverick and hillbilly, ate the entire damn package.

Let’s just say that I had an unpleasant few stays on the toilet in the next few days after the occasion.

Still, as someone that never learns from his mistakes, I decided to give these gummies the benefit of the doubt, in the name of science, understandably.

The gummies by themselves have a very stale taste, not too sweet, not too sour, you can feel something on your tongue, but can’t really pinpoint what it is.

There is no pungent aftertaste which really surprised me since CBD oil usage is linked with having sore gums after usage.

They have been really convenient in social situations since nobody asked me anything when they saw me gorging myself on sweets but all hell breaks loose the moment I bring out my vaporizer…

The onset of effects takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour and, I can only speak from my own personal experience, the effects start off mild and reach peak intensity after around three hours.

There is a certain afterglow felt the next day after taking them, which was quite surprising and a giant plus in my books.

Hemp Bombs offers them in different varieties, so you’re invited to check out(link) what sort of flavors they have in their portfolio.

While the highest dosage contains up to 25mg of pure CBD in just one gummy, you shouldn’t experience any problems unless your tolerance is very low.

I would still tread cautiously and take a lower dose for your first time.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oil

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape OilFirst things first, if you have never smoked cigarettes or vaped before, mind you that lower doses are a must or otherwise you’ll have a very bad time with vape oil.

Coughing, dizziness and general disorientation is bound to occur, so please be careful if you’re new to the craft.

Moving onward, Hemp Bombs CBD vape oil is very fine indeed.

Upon first taste, one could immediately feel the amount of care that went into creating this e-liquid.

It wasn’t just your usual cookie-cutter vape oil but one could actually taste the CBD in it.

Now this is a feeling I can’t really put into words, one really has to take a deep puff to get what I mean but it’s there and it’s a very powerful feeling.

Since smoking has basically been prohibited by the US government, vaping found itself high on the list of alternatives for many former smokers.

This is great for CBD enthusiast worldwide since the stigma of pulling out a vaporizer in public is close to nonexistent in most states.

Anyways, since I’m very stringent when it comes to taste, I wanted to do a few test orders with the smaller packages so that I can better acquaint myself with the flavors.

My wallet wasn’t so happy when I realized that there are ten different flavors available!

This was a really nice finishing touch by the company, as they understand that all of us are different when it comes to our personal preferences.

By bestowing us with the ability to make our own choices, they’ve earned a lifelong customer in me!

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Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

This might confuse some of my readers but what we mean by CBD oil is the PURE extract itself.

By purchasing the extract, you’re buying nothing but pure CBD oil: No additives or any other solvents are involved.

Why would anyone want to do that? Potency is the first thing that comes to mind. Some of us are burdened by painful diseases that distort a lot more than just our pain receptors.

Many of us would do anything to make the pain go away.

Another niche application of pure CBD oil comes in the form of external skin care. Applying CBD oil straight to the largest organ on your body might seem odd at first, but considering the vast benefits, it’s quite the genius maneuver.

I found that it does wonders for my sister’s dry skin and ugly wrinkles. Her face looks a lot better now (no Lannister).

Be it as it may, one has to take caution when imbuing pure CBD, especially if you’re a fledgling to the craft.

I would also solemnly suggest you use it with some sort of edible food, rather than eat it raw, since the taste isn’t really anything to brag about and those with a ruddy stomach might experience some discomfort.

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CBD Pain Freeze

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze

To be perfectly frank, until recently, I’ve never even heard about pain freeze.

Was it some sort of marketing spiel or a genuinely new product meant to enact the conditions an ice-cold bath would bestow us with?

Upon gleaning on the topic a bit more, I realized that it was basically CBD in cream form, something you would apply externally, like Nivea or Aloe Vera.

I fell in love instantly, since I didn’t have to put anything inside of my body.

This was especially important to me as I didn’t use CBD oil for any sort of psychological problems at that juncture, but purely for my back pain.

I’ve been working the ol’ nine to five for the last ten years and my back has already started to voice its last throes.

Honestly speaking, Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze saved my freaking life; Immediately upon rubbing one out (no pun intended), one can feel a chilly breeze running through his body and straight into the inflamed part. I literally felt my own body heal me upon applying the cream.

Weird, I know, but let’s just write it off as personal experience.

Anyways, what is also very important to note is that Hemp Bombs offers two vastly different measure sizes at similar prices.

I wholeheartedly suggest you buy the larger container, since it’s only a 25$ difference but you get four times the amount of product!

I usually don’t like to go in balls deep the first time around, but when the opportunity presents itself, there’s no reason to remain dormant.

This is one of those times.

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Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot

Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot

Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot

Is it just me or does the company really have a knack for inventing cool names?!

Anyways, max chill shots are exactly what their moniker implies, a relaxing drink after a hard day in the salt mines.

At first glance, one could conflate them with energy drinks such as Red Bull, but they are quite the opposite.

They are here to mellow you out and give you that slight edge you need to close your eyes and enter la-la land.

You can also mix the chill shot with other drinks as the solvents used in the manufacturing process are non-toxic and won’t react badly with each other.

I like to keep things pure but for those not used to the taste of CBD, experimentation is the key to success!

As in the last section, I fully recommend buying the more expensive dosage since the price difference is negligible and you get five times the amount of product.

Believe me, if you get to know one, you’ll want to get all five of them!

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Hemp Bombs is quite the charming company, I gotta give them that.

Whether or not they can change the scene? Only time will tell.

I think its too early to dismiss them as simple bloviators or to present them as saviors of a falling vocation.

Besides the five products I’ve chosen for this review, they have a whole lot more to offer to the table and while some of these products might not be on my bucket list, quality is almost certainly guaranteed.

The company cares about the end result and doesn’t see CBD oil as just a means to an end.

No, they take the time necessary to create and maintain a certain level of standard and for that, I give them massive props!

All in all, a company that shows a lot of gumption, promise and positive spirit. I can’t wait to see what the years ahead of us will make of them!

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