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“Lord Jones, the world’s finest CBD infused products”. If I were a more technically savvy guy I would have a button to press here where you could hear my snicker. A very recent trend in the journey of the CBD bandwagon is “luxury” CBD products. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why we see this marketing strategy, luxury items are expensive items.

I can charge more for “luxury”

Lord Jones is such a purveyor of these high quality, luxury CBD products. Let’s take a look.

About Lord Jones

Lord Jones is a company that was started in 2015 by husband and wife team, Robert Rosenheck and Cindy Capobianco. Mr. Rosenheck’s background was somewhat diverse, including photography, activism, and marketing, but nothing that would indicate a string understanding of the cannabis or CBD industry. Cindy Capobianco’s LinkedIn profile likewise shows strong branding experience as leader of Capabiaco, but no health, wellness, cannabis or CBD experience.

According to archive.org, Lord Jones began offering CBD online via their website in July of 2016. Their first offerings were topical and edibles.


Ok, full disclosure here. For a number of reasons, I simply could not try this product myself. I have a couple of requirements from a company before I buy their CBD product and ingest it, and Lord Jones did not meet them. No one in our trusted reviewers circle had tried it either. So it was off to the internet to find some user comments that evaluated Lord Jones without dropping a big ‘ol fat affiliate link right next to them. Easier said than done.

There were no negative comments, but few comments from ordinary users. Lord Jones products are being offered by beauty product companies like as Sephora, so you see affiliate marketing content in some places where CBD product traditionally have not been marketed. We can expect this to happen more.

User comments

I can personally attest I trialed CBD gummies from Lord Jones and one 20 mg CBD gummy had me chilled out for 6 hours. I wound up taking half a gummy for a lighter effect. I balked at the cost of high priced CBD .

I’ve tried and liked Lord Jones gummies. They’re expensive but high quality and really help take the edge off (anxiety) – for me, it sometimes feels like the effect of a glass of red wine, without any alcohol related feelings, if that makes sense.

Products and Flavor

Lord Jones does offer many non-traditional products in the edible and beauty category. Gum drop confections and body oil and lotion. Their branding experience clearly shows in the packaging for there products. It’s exquisite and definitely caters to those who are interested in a premium or ‘chic’ product.

Their site has no user review system that allows verified buyers to leave feedback for the products.


This is one aspect of the product that disqualified it for me. There is simply no way I am going to pay nearly 25 cents per milligram of CBD tincture. This is more than the market average for oils from companies that try much harder to communicate the quality of their oil. Think about this for a second, the current price per milligram for gold is a little more than 4 cents. Ginkgo Biloba extract is about 2 cents per milligram. This is where I expect CBD pricing to settle after deregulation is fully implemented and the market matures.

Quality Control

It is difficult to gain much insight into how Lord Jones manufactures their products. The website states that they use hemp cultivated in the USA. In their FAQ they mention the extraction process generally, but fail to state which process they use. They also claim that all of their product include “broad spectrum” CBD extracts but contain NO THC.

Ingredient list for tinctures

  • Peppermint: Grape Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Hemp Oil, Stevia
  • Lemon: Grape Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Lemon Oil, Hemp Oil, Stevia

So what about lab testing?

Here’s another reason that I could not test this CBD oil. Lord Jones claims that they independently test every batch of CBD oil for potency, pesticides, contaminants and solvents. Yet there is no test data anywhere on the website and there are no QR codes on the packaging. They also fail to identify the testing lab they partner with to perform this testing.

I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it. Only purchase products from companies that offer detailed insight into the quality of their products and testing DATA that shows profile, potency, and purity of the entire product.


After thoroughly reviewing Lord Jones website, there were some additional things I noticed that caused concern. Contact with the company is via contact forms or an email address only of it’s a media inquiry. There is no phone number or street address for the company. This really makes me wonder how seriously they take customer service. I pay a premium for your product and am relegated to a contact form for service? Not good.

According to In Style Magazine, Cindy Capobianco has “vowed to build a brand that THC (the chemical compound in marijuana that gets you high) and CBD (the one that doesn’t) consumers could actually trust.”

She went on to comment “We assumed we would have cannabis enthusiasts like us: low-dose users interested in transparency and consistency who wanted to know exactly what was in the product, how it was extracted, how it was grown”

You are absolutely right Cindy, but you have missed the mark, …badly.

Dose or Dump It Verdict: Dump it!

Lord Jones CBD Brand Review

24 cents per mg.





Manufacturing, Marketing and Packaging




Quality Control



  • Product Variety
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Good Efficacy


  • Expensive
  • Little Manufacturing Info
  • No Published Test Results

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