Organic Hemp Oil – Nature’s Remedy

An Introduction to Hemp Oil

Oil has been an essential gift of mother nature to mankind, and without it, we will not be able to progress further whether as an individual or a civilization. Everything in this world involve oil, from fueling industries and machines to keeping our bodies functional. But we will be talking about the oils that our body needs – particularly the healthy ones.

When you say oil, people associate it to fat. And when you say fat, things start to get fishy. Many blindly believe that oils or fats could cause heart problems, clog arteries, make you obese, and many more. These misconceptions are often spread out like wildfire, gaining oils a bad reputation.

If you are one of those misinformed people, you have to read further. Not all oils are bad for you. Some are actually essential and a healthy intake will give you a lot of benefits. One of them tops them all with its complete nutrients. Now without further ado, let us introduce you to Hemp oil, the next big thing to fitness.

All oils are extracted by pressing nuts or seeds together, releasing their natural juices. This is being applied to hemp seeds as well. But wait, what? Isn’t hemp also considered marijuana? Isn’t it dangerous? Can it make me high, you ask? While all plants in the Cannabis genus can yield the oil, only industrial hemp is actually used to make hemp oil. Because they were regulated already, the psychoactive substances present with the genus (most notably THC) has already been lessened to less than 1%. We could say that hemp oil is virtually free of THC and safe for consumption.

Using of Hemp Oil

Since you are probably not yet convinced that hemp oil is the best fat source for you, we will be stating its uses. Like any other essential oil, hemp oil can be used in a myriad of ways, including cosmetics, fuel, and food. We will be briefly stating their uses in those applications. Cosmetic products use petroleum for its skin and hair products. To make things interesting, hemp oil can be incorporated as it is more beneficial and herbal.

Often processed to give an inviting scent, it can also be used for moisturizing purposes by applying it after a shower or a bath. It nourishes the skin and increases the blood flow. It can also be used as pain reliever for those stubborn joint pains that can ruin your day. As an environmental-friendly substitute to fossil fuels, it can also be used as biodiesel in the same manner as other vegetable oils.

Most importantly, hemp oil has culinary uses as well. You can stir-fry with it, or make salad dressings with it, or simply drizzle it to your favorite salad if you wish. Its nutty and crispy flavor would surely complement to anything. However, it is not advisable for high heat cooking like frying, as it could be unsafe.

Hemp Oil’s Nutritional Facts

You may be wondering; how could hemp be nutritious if it is known to makes you high? Simply put, it is “high” in many ways other than pure euphoria. We are talking about being high in nutrients here. The oil that is contained in the hemp seed is 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as the good fats, and only 9-11% of the less wanted saturated fatty acids. Unknown to many, hemp seed oil has the most unsaturated oil content in the plant kingdom.

Our bodies do not naturally produce certain essential fatty acids but by consuming hemp seed oil, we could meet the requirements of our diet. It may be obvious already, but many Americans have a very unhealthy diet, with high portions of processed food like meats and GMO products. This has eventually weakened their immune system and raised the risks of diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Changing into a diet rich in essential fatty acids will restore life’s energy throughout the human body and hemp seed oil is the best source.

Hemp oil has high-quality protein similar to the protein in meats and eggs. This plant-based substitute has a structure of proteins which makes them easily digestible and absorbed by the body. Compared to other healthy oils, hemp oil fulfills the protein and amino acids the body needs without the fear of allergens and unnecessary calories.

That’s not all! Hemp seed oil also provides an abundant supply of antioxidants, carotene, phytosterols, phospholipids and a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and many more. Hemp seed oil also provides a good source of chlorophyll.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

When consumed in its purest, unrefined form, you will definitely reap the most benefits out of hemp oil. People claim that it is not effective but chances are, they are not aware that they are consuming the refined ones which obviously have been stripped off of nutrients from processing. Countless testimonies from people around the world have proven that genuine, organic hemp oil has improved their well-being, here’s why:

  • Many studies have shown that the lack of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in our diets can make us more prone to catch common illnesses. Some individuals are even unlucky with their genetics with dysfunctional enzyme systems or other inhibitions in their metabolic pathways. But by incorporating foods rich in essential fatty acids or their metabolites into their diet, this could be remedied. Since hemp seed oil contains both GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), you already have a tall, sturdy wall of defense against the bad elements.
  • Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids which nourish and moisturize your skin in the right manner. Due to its antioxidant and mineral content you could improve the condition of your skin, with a healthy, supple, fresh and a younger look. Whether you consume it directly or apply products infused in hemp oil, the outcome is still the same. Just make sure that the hemp these companies use are organic and unrefined. Hemp oil also prevents skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and acne.
  • When it comes to having good hair, hemp oil does not disappoint. There are many hair health benefits of hemp oil as well. Many non-commercial and herbal hair products like shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, and many others are made by using hemp oil. Washing hair with hemp oil products can thicken the hair texture and can naturally drive away dandruff. It also prevents loss of hair and scalp infections that occur when you grow older.
  • Hemp oil can lower the risk of heart disease, arthritis and depression. It can also help reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries. It may sound ironic, but with the right amounts, this will happen, as proven by several experts and medical practitioners.
  • Some amino acids are essential to prevent serious problems like genetic mutations and cancer. Hemp oil has all the amino acids including the ones our body cannot produce. Accompanied with a healthy lifestyle, you can cure cancer or prevent one.

Hemp Seed Oil Dosage

The daily recommended intake of hemp seed oil is 14-28 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons). If you are taking coagulants or if you are currently pregnant, please seek advise from your healthcare provider before taking hemp seed oil. There are repercussions when this oil has been consumed wrongly or carelessly, so take caution.

Wrapping Up

When a new discovery in the market generates a lot of hype, it is also bound to showered with criticisms, misconceptions, and derogatory remarks. Hemp already has its own fair share, and it even reached to the point of banning hemp altogether in many nations and states.

However, two things are wrong here. One, hemp is not a new discovery. It has been used for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties and it was a normal occurrence during that time. No bad press whatsoever. Also, it has generated a lot of hype due to controversies which arise from the wrongful usage of hemp. People have wrongly judged hemp due to their own actions. With proper setting of regulations and dissemination of information, this will never happen at all.

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