Our Guide to CBD Edibles

When we think of CDB edibles, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Pot brownies, if you ask me!

Now, let’s make this distinction right at the start so there’s no confusion or unnecessary words spilled afterward: CBD is NOT cannabis nor does it have any psychoactive compounds.

Eating it will not cause you to fail a drug test and you’ll be safe to operate your vehicle or perform tasks that require cognitive power.

Your sense of reason will remain intact, unaffected by the substance since CBD is a non-psychoactive addition to food.

Got that? Great, now we can have some real talk about CBD edibles.

Let’s start with the main motivations behind using edibles, why would anyone come to the idea of eating CBD instead of any other methods of ingestion?

The first thing that comes to mind is the longevity of effects.

While onset might be a bit delayed (up to two hours to feel anything!), the fact that the edible is in your stomach and has to pass through your gastrointestinal tract means that it is there to stay for at least a couple of hours.

This largely depends on your metabolism, with some users experiencing lingering effects up to half a day after ingestion, while others have to rescind themselves to just a couple of hours of pure tranquility.

Users that have long-term pain that doesn’t just leave on a whim are especially drawn to this type of CBD ingestion method as it saves them money and makes them forget about their predicament.

At least for a short while.

CBD Edibles Cookies

CBD Cookies

Another great reason, just one I borrowed from my friend that suffers from asthma, is the fact you don’t really need any tools or damage your lungs while still getting the effects of CBD oil.

A huge problem also seems to be the stigma associated with smokers or the weirdness when you try and unload your cargo in a crowded area.

With edibles, you simply put in your piehole before anyone can see anything, swallow it down and wait for the effects to kick in!

Besides these two obvious benefits, another great rationale is the strength of any particular CBD oil. Many people believe that since the onset of effects is delayed and our liver filters out most of the active compound, that the end result will be a milder version of the original product.

While there some merit to this, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. The biggest problem with edibles themselves is the unreliability of CBD inside of them.

It is not that companies have an incentive to give you more bang for your big, but the fact it is extremely hard to measure the levels of CBD in any particular edible.

This leads to some dosages feeling really low on the scale, while some knock us out of our seats. While this might seem like fun at first, consider that we’re not always in the right situation to deal with certain effects and that some of them might cause serious problems to both us and the environment we find ourselves in.

To combat this motion, it is very recommended, especially for people new to CBD, to start off slow and keep it that way for a while. Since you’re still not fully acquainted with your tolerance levels and are in uncharted territory when it comes to your bodies reaction to CBD, please tread carefully.

There are some serious negative side effects when you take too much, most of them alleviated by having a seat and riding the wave, but still, some situations (such as driving your car) will not permit you to act in such a carefree way.

Let’s not get sidetracked, another great reason for CBD edibles is cooking! Cooking, you say? Yes, as a self-proclaimed culinary cuisine pundit (I know my way around the odd omelet or two!), I can safely claim that mixing edibles with regular food is freaking awesome.

Not only will you not forget to take your dose, but since you’ll equate the ingredients used in cooking with CBD oil itself, your brain will never misplace your drug of choice ever again.

People have called me crazy for keeping my CBD edibles near the kitchen counter, but it wouldn’t take them more than a minute of rational thinking to realize why I’ve been doing that.

The thing is, people love to judge other people, even if it’s the most minutiae of things on the platter and one shouldn’t pay much attention to it.

Besides the aforementioned positives, there are also some things that you should know about CBD edibles that aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not automatically good either.

CBD Edibles Are Pricey… Or Not!

I’ve mentioned this in another article of mine (interlink), but the amount of money seems to be directly proportional to the amount of honey you get.

It all has to do with the quantity of pure CBD inside the product, with more equating a higher price tag.

While this might sound disappointing to some, those with an easily upset stomach or low tolerance can truly let their freak flags fly as their options will mostly be affordable and aplenty!

It’s Easy To Take Too Much…

Yep, I’ve briefly touched upon this in the latter section but I believe it to be necessary to really accentuate the fact that edibles are known for their unreliable measurements.

To not repeat myself over and over again, just follow these general pointers: Don’t take too much at once and don’t re-dose until at least three hours have passed!

One last thing, we all react differently to CBD oil, even though your 180-pound friend might be able to take a much larger dose than you, it doesn’t make you a sissy or a weakling.

It’s just that your neural pathways in addition to your genetic predisposition to the effect of CBD oil cause you to experience the same edible in two different ways.

There Are a Million Flavors… Try At Least a Dozen of Them!

gron-cbd-edilblesI really hate it when people select an edible, purchase it, dislike it, and then start dismissing edibles altogether.

When I ask such people, alright, what’s the actual problem with CBD edibles?

Their answer usually boils down to: ”Well, I didn’t really like the taste or whatever.”


You can’t just call it quits after one try, we would all be moping around in our beds if we didn’t get up when life punched us in the face, don’t you agree?

What I’m trying to say, don’t write something off just because your first experience was less than nominal.

Give it another go and always remember to order low when it’s your first introduction with any new flavor!

I could go on, but you get a general idea. I won’t go into nitty-gritties on how to use CBD edibles since I do believe that you’re equipped with the knowledge of opening your mouth, chewing, and then swallowing.

Just remember to wait for the onset (which could take for up to three hours) and enjoy the ride! If it ever becomes too much, simply lay down, close your eyes and let happy thoughts engulf your brain.

You’re on cloud nine, start behaving like it!

To conclude, CBD edibles offer an amazing culinary experience (and opportunity) for anyone confident enough to experiment.

They are my favorite way of imbuing CBD oil exactly because they let you be so creative and imaginative during the entire process.

See y’all next time and until then, happy munching!


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