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Sunsoil – A CBD Brand Review

Let me introduce you to Sunsoil, formerly Green Mountain CBD. This company is a 14 acre hemp farm and CBD product manufacturer located in Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Sunsoil was founded by Jacob Goldstein and Alejandro Bergad. These guys have some strong opinions on hemp farming and CBD, and here at Hemp Essential, we found ourselves in total agreement. Let’s get started.

First, these guys don’t believe in plant cloning. Sunsoil breeds their own crops indoors and cultivates these plants on their small farm. Next, they extract the CBD with coconut oil, known as lipid extraction. This accomplishes two things; avoids use of solvents and keeps manufacturing costs down. More on this later.

Sunsoil is quality focused. And I mean like a laser. It’s interesting that they had an opportunity to partner with investors such as Seventh Generation and Evergreen Capital. How did these guys respond? No thanks.  “We walked away because it was not right for our company” said Alejandro Bergad. Sunsoils product are organically grown, naturally extracted, pharmaceutical grade packaged, and shipped to the comsumer. What’s not to love?

Sunsoils product offerings include CBD oil and CBD capsules


Web reviews indicate Sunsoil CBD oil has very good efficacy. People found that Sunsoil was very effective for anxiety and insomnia. Some users mentioned a slight “fog” in the morning after night-time dosing. We recommend starting with a low dose and “ramping” your dosage moderately to achieve the therapeutic benefit and avoiding this.

User comments

GreenMountain CBD has seriously been a LIFE CHANGER for me. I’m not exaggerating. I take one pill in the morning with breakfast or on an empty stomach and then another about midway through the day.

I’ve been taking them for about 6 weeks now. I have Crohn’s & AS. I take 2 GreenMountain capsules a day as well as use a tincture and vape CBD. I’d say I get between 60-70mg of CBD a day. I haven’t taken any of my Crohn’s meds since Thanksgiving and my pain meds have been cut by 2/3rds.


Sunsoil CBD oil comes in cinnamon and chocolate mint flavors. Generally, users like the flavoring and prefer it to other flavored CBD products. Some users feel like the mint is a bit strong. Sunsoil recommends predosing with a small amount to acclimate your palate to the flavor before taking your full dose.


Sunsoil believes in ethical pricing and practices. Remember that low manufacturing cost I mentioned? Well combine this with their low cost hemp growing techniques and what do you get? One of the lowest cost, high quality CBD oils on the market. Sunsoil clocks in with super budget friendly 5 cents per milligram CBD cost!

Quality Control

I love the ingredient label on their CBD oil product. Here you go- Cannabidoil, MCT, cinnamon oil. That’s it! Sunsoil uses pharmaceutical grade, robotic bottling and packaging systems for their manufacturing plant. Their facility adheres to what are known as Current Good Manufacturing Practices as established by the FDA. Sweet!

So what about lab testing?

These guys get it. Even though they have an on-site lab, they routinely send out samples to Pro Verde Laboratories, an accredited laboratory, to quality control their product. They also utilize this testing to adjust the CBD potency of their oils to ensure their customer always get an accurate serving. The testing qualifies the cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, and the presence of heavy metals and pesticides. They publish the 3rd party lab results to their website.

This guys have a fantastic little farm making an awesome CBD product that’s VERY affordable.

Dose or Dump It Verdict: Dose it!


Sunsoil CBD Oil

5 cents per mg.





Manufacturing, Marketing and Packaging




Quality Control



  • Very inexpensive
  • Very high quality standards
  • Consumer Oriented Company


  • Limited flavor choices
  • Narrow product offerings

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