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The Endocannabinoid System: Very Real, And Very Important

The inexorable movement toward universal legalization of medicinal marijuana has been derided by opponents as nothing more than a way for potheads to beat the system. In truth, it’s an inevitable and welcome development that’s grounded in ...

Nuleaf CBD Oil Review

Let's get straight to the point: There's a bazillion brands out there and not all of us have the time nor the willingness to go through each and every one of them just to get all the nuisances lined up. I know your pain man and I've been through ...

CBD Vape Oil – A Complete Guide to CBD Usage

CBD Vape Oil – A Complete Guide to CBD Usage When you think of the word “Cannabis”, you typically associate it with the high that many people smoke the plant for. However, in the case of CBD vape oil, it isn't going to give you the same effect that ...

CBD and Vape Oil Dosing

CBD and Vape Oil Dosing or Serving Size – Knowing How Much to Take CBD oil is beneficial for just about anybody, but knowing how much to take is going to be a task in itself. Many states are going through the weed legalization process, but it ...

The ULTIMATE Guide to CBD Oil

Pain. It makes us do strange things. We end up in strange places, obscure obituaries and otherwise dubious locations. For what? So that we may feel uneasy, as if are being prosecuted for trying to salvage a situation not even our ...

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