The ULTIMATE Guide to CBD Oil


It makes us do strange things. We end up in strange places, obscure obituaries and otherwise dubious locations.

For what?

So that we may feel uneasy, as if are being prosecuted for trying to salvage a situation not even our governments can solve.

This isn’t just about the horrors and the emotional and physical pain some of us have been cursed with, but with the continued ignorance of those in authority that were supposed to lend us a hand.

Since this seems to be a losing battle (only time will tell, but I doubt it), many of our kin have resorted to breaking the law just to be able to live a somewhat normal life.

What if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

What if I told you that there is a tincture that CAN and WILL help you?

What if I told you that the only reason why I didn’t blow my brains out from all the pain and suffering I’ve had to endure is that of a simple, oily substance?

Ladies, gentleman and all others, please allow me to introduce you to the one thing that kept me alive and running, the reason why you’re able to read my words at all, CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a very important compound in cannabis. It is classified as a non-psychotropic, non-psychedelic substance that makes up between 35-40% of the plant’s extract.

Many people make the mistake of conflating marijuana and cannabis, but the fact of the matter remains that ‘marijuana’ is but a subsidiary of cannabis.

Generally speaking, cannabis is an accompanying term for many different tinctures and products and therefore shouldn’t be classified and/or compared to just one of its many forms.

Since the actual compound has very little THC (the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), CBD oil in itself will not affect your day-to-day mental activity.

Scientists found that the true reason behind the missing high is the absence of a bond to the two main ‘action’ receptors in our brain, CB1 and CB2.

This means that it will still be safe to operate a vehicle or work a demanding job, without fear of the extract meddling with your thought process or motor functions.

We can, therefore, conclude that CBD oil doesn’t cause you to feel ‘high’ or disoriented in any way, shape or form.

CBD oil has enjoyed massive scrutiny from the science community since many users report feeling better, more relaxed and more fit to take on the world.

The next section of this article is going to deal with the alleged benefits of CBD oil, as well as all the rumors and shushing around the magical properties of the tincture.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD oil has always enjoyed notoriety in this department since a portion of users claim to experience little-to-no benefits at all, while others seem to peddle it the next wonder drug.

Since both of these communities represent polar extremes, we’ll try and present a rational, objective and non-partisan dissertation of what could be the truth.

The main problem faced with the latter task at hand is that most scientific studies done on CBD oil pale in comparison to self-reports.

Why is that so?

For a very simple reason; If a large majority claims that a tincture has certain positive or negative effects on their well-being, who are we to claim otherwise?

Even if the alleged effects were nothing but a placebo, if the user feels and acts better, than the fact that it is a mere illusion holds little water in the real world.

To not turn this into a philosophical debate, let’s list down some of the main benefits people claim to experience while imbuing the tincture.

I will also be attaching some of my personal experiences in each point, since I’ve been a long-term user and enjoyer of CBD oil.

  • Relieves Physical Pain

All sorts of injuries that leave marks beyond the hospital bed plague the US population like never before.

The increase of back pain, inflammations, and fractures on our body seem to be taking a massive toll on our productivity and willingness to live.

As far as physical pain is considered, CBD oil has a very suppressing effect on almost any ail in the body. It is even being considered as a miracle coping tool for those unfortunate to grapple with multiple sclerosis.

Testing among animals has shown that continued and consistent use had very positive effects on their well-being. Reports show that the animals seemed relaxed and content with their injuries

  • Alleviates Social Anxiety

This is a big one in today’s society. A lot of people report a substantial increase in the amount of stress, fear, and anxiety experienced in their day-to-day lives.

Coping with anxiety has proven to be extremely harsh and brutal since it is not a battle you can simply win and call it a day.

No, you have to wake up and slay the same beast, time and time again, as if you were cursed with a Sisyphean task that has no beginning and no end.

Many scientists like to compare anxiety to ‘the amount of alertness one experiences before an action is taken or a situation unfolds’, with CBD oil having a very mellowing effect on how that alertness is processed.

Hence, many people claim that CBD oil has ‘cured’ their social anxiety or made it easier to cope with the daily grind, but as we can see, it is merely a way of balancing your perception and ‘normalizing’ your response to external stimuli.

  • Good for the Heart

Many studies have explored the link between CBD oil and cardiovascular improvement, especially in middle-aged males up to 60.

What all of these researchers seem to agree with is that our society has fundamentally changed the way we view food.

Portions have increased two, three or even tenfold (!) in the last decade and with that, the amount of sugar consumed on a daily basis skyrocketed into unprecedented numbers.

The way CBD oil helps in this instance is by speeding up the half-life of processed sugar in our bodies, thereby helping it get rid of excess amounts in a much swifter fashion.

  • Helps with Cancer

This one was really tough for me to write, as many distraught families seem to cling to any branch that claims to help when such unfortunate times are afoot.

Some unscrupulous CBD oil manufacturers love to peddle the tincture as a ‘cure for cancer’ but I’m not too sure about it.

Quite conversely, it does seem to make the fight against cancer a whole lot easier, as it helps the affected cope with the situation in a much more lucent manner.

Coincidentally, in some instances, it has gone as far as to inhibit the growth and spread of future cancer cells, thereby prolonging the life of the affected.

Some malignant tumors, especially breast cancer, seem to be particularly susceptible to CBD oil and I wholeheartedly recommend its use to anyone struggling with this debilitating disease.

  • Improves Sleep

‘Sleep is for the weak!’

It’s quite ironic how little children dream about staying up late with the big boys so that they too may be considered an adult.

On the other hand, you got the disgruntled adult whose only wish is to get some sort of sleep before the inevitable grind at their usual nine-to-five begins.

Insomnia is on a steady rise and medical professionals are at a loss for answers.

I mean sure, they can medicate you with highly dangerous and toxic drugs, that will knock you out cold for their duration, but things like addiction, disastrous side effects and ethics do stand in their way.

The great thing about CBD oils is their NON-addictive properties. At any and all times, you’re the one stirring the wheel and only you decide which direction your boat (body) is heading towards!

As already mentioned, since Cannabidiol has very calming and relaxing effects on the body, it is quite logical to come to the conclusion that it will have a positive impact on your sleep.

These are only some of the reported benefits I thought to be of most importance to my reader.  Other claims are either unsubstantiated, very hard to prove or not as prominent as the ones outlined in this write-up.

I will do the honor of mentioning some that haven’t made it in the article but still are deserving of at least a shout-out:

  • Stirs the conversion of unhealthy fats into energy
  • Cures and/or hinders epilepsy
  • Has positive effects on schizophrenics
  • Good for the skin
  • Helps quit nicotine and other addictive substances

What are CBD tinctures?

There’s a lot of confusion in this department as ‘CBD oil’ and ‘tincture’ are oftentimes used interchangeably in many articles and scientific dissertations.

Even I’m guilty of such a sin, but once we learn to understand the fundamental difference between the two, the colloquial (mis)usage won’t present a problem anymore.

I believe that the best way to explain new things to someone that hasn’t grappled with the subject at before is by example alone.

Cats are to animals what a CBD tincture is to CBD oil.

Simplified, CBD oil is an umbrella term which encompasses many different expressions.

What differentiates all of these names is the way CBD oil is administered to the individual.

Hence, CBD oil is the ‘genus’ while CBD spray, tincture, capsule, pill is the ‘species’, meaning that the term tincture is subservient to CBD oil.

Now that we got the basics under our belt, let’s look at tinctures and why many people chose them as their preferred way of getting CBD into their system.

The first thing that definitely comes to mind is convenience; A small battle that can be administered almost anywhere and at all times comes in handy for those that are constantly on the run.

In a similar vein, many people fear the judging eyes of their peers, acquaintances or friends on their usage of a somewhat controversial medicine, but when the ‘suspicious substance’ is placed in a nasal spray bottle, nobody seems to bother.

People are weird, but not a lot can be done to cure that, so we adapt!

Lastly, the fact that you can store the tincture in a simple bag, purse or pocket, life becomes a whole lot easier!

You can, of course, decide to go your own way and pick a different way of administration, but for newcomers, the most recommended, cheapest (and convenient) option is the one presented above.

Vaporizing CBD Oil

I know what you’re imagining: A skinny dude with thick dreadlocks, a green-yellow-red bandanna, black glasses and a look that just screams ‘I’m too cool for society’ puffing away at his joint!

While that might be a bit of a stretch, it isn’t that far from the truth.

After all, you’re standing up for your own right to be healthy and go against the better judgment of those that are supposedly meant to help you.

To get to the point, the reason why so many people decide to vape CBD oil is because of a thing called ‘bioavailability’

Don’t be distraught by the complex sounding term, it simply represents the number (in percentages) of the actual substance that gets to your brain.

Here’s the thing: Since we have numerous filters in our body that help disintegrate foreign chemicals, preventing them from harming our natural bio-system.

Our main foes seem to be the liver and our gut, which greatly decrease the amount of CBD oil delivered to our brain by a process called the first-pass effect.

Basically, since the substance has to travel through our gut, the liver simultaneously filters it out during that process, reducing its overall efficacy

This is especially noticeable during oral consummation: Only 20{ffdef8a43e1fcdd330822184e94c3a07dc17ff0451980d76a85182a1e5a4dbf6} of the actual active substance reaches your brain!

What does that mean?

That we have to change our strategy.

Our main goal is to get our precious CBD oil into our bloodstream as soon as possible!

And how do we bypass our own liver and gut?

Ding, ding, ding!

We change our way of administration and send the drug directly from our bloodstream to our brain.

Reports have shown that up to 70{ffdef8a43e1fcdd330822184e94c3a07dc17ff0451980d76a85182a1e5a4dbf6} of the product actually ends up in the brain when using this method, which means that with one simple trick, we’ve managed to increase the effectiveness by up to 3,5 times!!!

Another reason why this is such a cherished method is its speed.

Consider nicotine for a moment; It takes seven seconds for nicotine to go from your bloodstream to your brain when smoked.

If you were to eat or shoot up nicotine, you would die from an overdose, but that’s beside the point.

The thing is, smoking almost any drug serves to dramatically increase the speed by which the drug takes effect.

Now that we’ve covered the two main reasons why so many people choose the ‘vape life’, we find it necessary to point you to some tips and tricks. This is especially recommendable to those that have never vaped before.

First and foremost, the fact that you’re smoking it means that you’ll have to select a flavor, vaporizer, type of juice…

To not really spoil the good spirit of exploring, some general guidelines are as follows:

Please ensure that you start off slow and increase the dosage with time.

Make sure to always test a smaller dose when trying out a new brand.

You don’t need to buy a thousand dollar model right from the get-go, a simple vaporizer with some juice, battery and cartridge are more than enough for a beginner.

Remember to have fun and explore, some brands might work better for you, while others may have little-to-no effects at all!

Side effects of CBD oil

This might very well be the most important section of this article.

Please bear in mind that before taking on any sort of alternative options in medicine, talking with your medical professional is always a recommendable action to take.

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people never experience any sort of major side effects while imbuing CBD oil.

The biggest problem stems from overdosing, not dozing correctly, wrong labels and low tolerance.

With that being said, anything in excess will harm your body, so please follow the instruction from our last section and ALWAYS start small.

Some of the most common side effects of taking CBD oil are:

  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Hypotension

As you could probably make out on your own, since CBD oil is a relaxant in itself, depending on your tolerance levels, it could make you a bit too mellow.

At this point, the drug starts to shift its colors between a very helpful remedy and a potentially dangerous substance.

Since CBD oil is non-toxic, you can’t really overdose on it, but you could potentially forget that you have something on the burner as you’re on cloud nine.

That could have catastrophic consequences, as you can already imagine.

As always, tread with caution and test, test, test!

Your body is your own temple and only IT knows how much it can take.

Lab Testing of CBD Oil

If there’s one thing to pay attention to when buying CBD oil, it is the lab results attached to the product itself.

These can oftentimes present you with important information regarding potency, toxicity, cleanliness, amount of solvents present and additional compounds in CBD oil (terpenes).

Many inexperienced users believe that lab testing of CBD oil boils down to a simple dichotomy of the amount of THC versus CBD present.

While this is one of the most important factors (always aim for less THC, more CBD!), it disregards some of the other, equally important influences.

These elements can make or break CBD oil, so you should pay close attention the next time you read about a product being peddled to you.

Let’s take a closer look at the five points I’ve listed.


While the most logical approach of ‘the more the merrier’ could be seen as sufficient enough, one still has to consider all the other compounds in the mixture, besides THC and CBD.

Remember that just a drop of poison can and will poison an entire lake.

I hope that I didn’t scare you too much and there’s no need to be scared as every company wants recurring customers, not dead ones.

That’s why this step, out of all the other lab results is the most scrutinized by the manufacturers and good care is guaranteed.

Always make sure to read all the ingredients listed and glean on what they are, how they act and their potential effects.

It’s for your own safety!


‘Didn’t you say that CBD oil was non-toxic?!’

Of course it is!

But to really get quality CBD oil out of our precious plants, these plants have to undertake numerous tests on the amount of certain chemicals they contain.

To keep it simple: If there’s an increased amount of a chemical in a plant and if that amount is deemed as toxic, the plant is simply tossed out of the equation!

Remember, manufacturing companies do have a massive incentive to care about consumer safety.


Even in industrial laboratories, under a very controlled environment, certain types of bacteria and microorganism do tend to appear.

These are then closely studied, their effects noted and if they are deemed to be a pest, the entire plant is simply removed.


To go from plant to tincture, solvents such as ethanol or acetone are used to expedite the process.

While this is all well and good, too much of those solvents and some serious health hazards could come out of them, if their numbers aren’t strictly regulated.


Terpene is just a fancy name for basic coloring and flavor chemicals added to the fray. Terpenes are tried and tested to ensure that they are not toxic for human consumption

I hope that the entire process of manufacturing and getting to the end result is much clearer now.

I also hope that you can see all the effort and energy that goes into ensuring CBD oil to be safe, regulated and as clean as possible.

I hope that with time, the US government, as well as other governments around the world will realize the massive potential of CBD and how much happiness it can bring to its users.

Not because it will make them high or put dangerous and additive chemicals into them, but because it will give them the one thing they’ve been yearning for so long; Peace.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the legal status of CBD oil in the US in the year 2018.

Legality of CBD oil in the USA

To call it ‘quite complicated’ would be an understatement.

The unsuccessful war on drugs seems to be prolonging the widespread acceptance of CBD oil.

I will try to explain the legality in the most simple terms possible, in a sentence, it would basically boil down to: ”Yes it is, but because of a loophole.”

To really understand just how detrimental and outdated the way the US government labels drugs, consider the fact that marijuana in itself is classified as a schedule 1 drug, along with heroin.

Heroin. You’ve read that right.

Now, the good thing about CBD is that it is not marijuana (we’ve covered that in length) and therefore, the manufacturing should be quite a breeze or?

Not exactly.

Any type of CBD oil production not done with industrial hemp is strictly illegal!

Many a few wonders why this entire process is so ‘mechanized’ and now the reason is revealed- We’re simply using outdated and decrepit rules from the past century!

The good thing though is that companies have adapted and since CBD oil is not considered a medicine but a dietary supplement, you’re perfectly capable of ordering and receiving it to your address.

This means that you don’t have to worry about anyone knocking on your door for buying something which may save your life in the long run.

As the years progress, so do the laws regarding CBD oil, but to be perfectly honest, it’s an uphill battle.

How to choose a quality CBD oil tincture

Here’s the thing, while many other articles might push you to a specific product they’re trying to peddle, we believe that giving some general guidelines and letting you do your own due diligence is the best way to go.

Some people might see better results with one type of tincture, while others wouldn’t really be affected by it.

As always, it is within my deepest belief that trying out and testing is the best method available for yourself since you’re getting results directly from the source!

Without further adieu, here are some common markers you should take into consideration when choosing a CBD oil tincture.

1) Geolocation

Call me an all-fashioned fellow, but there’s quite a difference between strains from certain locations in comparison to others.

It’s all about the soil, temperature, and method of growth.

The latter, especially, differentiating from state to state.

While we can’t really pinpoint any exact location where the ‘best’ CBD oil tinctures are made, do be aware of the fact that different locations produce different products.

This cuts deep and applies even to brands of the same nomenclature.

2) Solvents Used

Call me an all-fashioned fellow once more, but from my personal experience, the more you pay, the more bang you get.

The problem stems from the fact that it is much cheaper and easier to use toxic products such as butane and hexane rather than say, acetone.

While these solvents may be a cheaper alternative, they are much more toxic and hazardous for the body, which may impede healing or at worst, further complicates things.

Always do your due diligence when purchasing CBD oil and remember to trust NO ONE, but your own judgment.

3) Credibility and Transparency

When delicate matters such as your own personal health are at hand, you don’t want to rescind yourself to any schmuck trying to whitewash you into buying something.

Always check on the company before buying their products and absolutely make sure that lab results are provided and that they are up-to-date!

How to choose a CBD vape oil

I’m going to be a bit more direct when it comes to vape oil since there are many urchins lurking around in the industry and general guidelines simply won’t cut it this time.

Here are the three most important things to consider when buying CBD vape oil.

1) Vape Oil = Vaporizer

One of the most embarrassing mistakes newcomers seem to make is purchasing vape oil that simply cannot be smoked with their vaporizer.

Case in point: Many vaporizers don’t come with a ceramic heating element, causing the tincture inside of the cartridge to harden and therefore become unusable.

This basically renders the vaporizer useless and a wasted investment.

Always make sure to acquaint yourself with the capabilities of your vaporizer, since no amount of oil can fix a leaking engine.

2) Buy CBD Oil Clear as The Blue Sky

There’s a reason why many scoff at online purchases and it is not because they have any sort of malignant intentions.

Quite on the contrary, many of the strongest proponents against CBD oil have, at one time or another, been burned by unscrupulous companies selling their hogwash to them.

If the tincture you buy isn’t crystal clear, i.e. it’s murky and obscure in its form, then it means that you probably shouldn’t use it and would be better off asking for an immediate refund.

Since the market still isn’t scrutinized by the US government, many see CBD oil as a quick get rich scheme.

That’s why you should always be vigilant and on the lookout for false prophets since they won’t flinch when taking your hard-earned money from you.

3) Recent Lab Reports

One of the funniest and most desperate ways companies try and scam people is by presenting lab reports that are decades (!) old.

You’ll see a lot of people advising you to search and ask for lab reports when purchasing CBD oil, but I’ll take it a step further:

Ask for the most recent study conducted on the product!


CBD oil is a gift from the heavens themselves. Nobody can take away our right to live a healthy and prosperous life and we’ll fight till the bitter end to defend that right.

There’s a reason why the 1st Amendment is number one in the US constitution and we shall defend it with our lives and by our example.

CBD oil has helped millions of people live a normal and stress-free life and it can help you too. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a bad person for wanting contentment.

No, it is those that strive to take our freedoms away from us that are the evil ones and they shall get their just desserts when the time is right!

Lastly, let’s all take a step back, recline into our seats and enjoy the blessing that CBD oil really is.

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