Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Vape Oil

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Oil

When it comes to alternative medicine, there are a lot of different paths for you to consider. CBD Oil is one that many individuals aren’t familiar with, but that’s okay – that’s what this article is about. The therapeutic benefits of CBD oil are quite apparent, and the most common form of using it would be through a vape. CBD vape oil can come in many different shapes and forms, but that’s for another article altogether; this one is going to cover what it can do for you in a positive manner.

Many people are using CBD oil because they aren’t comfortable with using medical marijuana; they also prefer the effects that CBD oil can give them. When you’re using medical marijuana, you’re treating some of the same symptoms, but you’re making use of a different chemical compound. Medical marijuana is prevalent in terms of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) count, whereas CBD oil has a very minimal amount. CBD stands for “Cannabidiol”, and it’s become one of the hottest supplements on the planet.

There is a lot of controversies to take in when you bring up medical marijuana products, as CBD is usually thrown into the mix. It’s a chemical that is naturally found in the marijuana plant, but there isn’t any “high” to be worried about. That’s what THC is responsible for!

What Can CBD Oil Help Me With?

There are many symptoms that can be handled through the use of CBD oil, some of which could be quite debilitating. There are some serious ones, as well as some not so serious ailments; the only thing that matters is the fact that CBD oil really does help people out. Let’s take a look at some of the things that it’s going to assist you with, shall we?

Relief of Anxiety

Anxiety is a big problem in the world today, as the pressure to live up to certain expectations can eat people alive. Managing anxiety is a very tough gig, but it’s one that most of us are going to deal with throughout our lives; researchers have stated that they feel CBD may help your brain cope with anxiety through receptors related to serotonin. Serotonin has been a proven link towards the mental health of somebody, the receptors that make use of them use proteins to receive these chemical signals (allowing your cells to react properly).

In one of the studies conducted, CBD was shown to help those that suffer from a form of social anxiety. They would take some CBD oil and then give a speech to an audience, while earlier trials (that made use of animals) showed that CBD could have anxiety-reducing effects in the form of:

  • Stress reductions
  • Insomnia reduction (through sleep persuasion)
  • Improved symptoms in those suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Reduction of anxiety-related symptoms, such as increased heart rate

Seizure Prevention

Seizures are a big problem, specifically in those that suffer from epilepsy. CBD oil has been considered to be a strong alternative medicine for those suffering from epilepsy, although the research behind that fact is still in its infancy stages. Researchers were looking to test how much CBD could truly help out those suffering from seizures by limiting the amount that they would experience. They were also looking to test how safe CBD vape oil usage would be in patients. They have high hopes when it comes to using Cannabidiol for the treatment of seizures, so hopefully, the near future has a lot more to offer.

A study was conducted back in 2016 that was targeting people with epilepsy, trying to treat their symptoms through the use of CBD oil. Those that were participating were instructed to consume about 2 to 5mg of CBD oil on a daily basis (shadowing the current epilepsy medication that they were using). The study took a look at the subjects over a span of 12 weeks, taking note of any negative side effects they were experiencing due to their CBD oil usage.

At the end of the research run, those participating had experienced about 36.5% fewer seizures than they did in the previous months. With that being said, 12 patients were said to have experienced additional effects – although this could be attributed to various other items.

Brain Protection

It may sound silly to some, but some studies have shown that CBD oil offers up a form of “neuroprotection”. There is a receptor located within the human brain that relates itself to cannabidiol, and this receptor is known as simply “CB1”. Research shows that neurodegenerative disorders are directly related to the CB1 receptor, and since cannabidiol is such a big component of that equation, it only makes sense to take an interest. Researchers have been studying the use of CBD oil for ailments like MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as other things like Alzheimer’s disease and strokes.

Inflammation, in general, is another thing that CBD oil has shown to help with, and since brain inflammation is a major problem (in regards neurodegenerative disorders/symptoms) even worse. Of course, more research is needed on this matter, but things are looking bright.

Relief of Pain

Probably the most talked about topic is general relief of pain, which many of us suffer from. The average person is going to have some aches, and when times get tough, CBD vape oil is going to be your friend. Kicking back and taking a huge puff of CBD vape oil to ease the pain (without getting high and losing your mind) is paradise for some people. To get a bit more serious, studies have also shown that those coming off of chemotherapy treatments can use CBD oil to effectively treat their pain. For much more serious ailments, CBD oil could apply as well; it’s being looked into as a solid treatment option for:

  • Arthritis
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis) pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Injuries to the spinal cord

This would all be in the form of pain management, to be specific. There is an MS drug known as Nabiximols (Sativex) that is a combination of both TCH and CBD, which is being prescribed to patients in both Canada and the United Kingdom. Researchers think that the CBD is present for its inflammatory properties more than anything else, but it’s still neat. There are trials being applied at this very moment to see if CBD really does help for pain management, but the signs are there.


If you’re a teenager or even an adult battling acne, it turns out that CBD oil could be the answer after all! CBD vape oil is easy to use and could clear up your skin (according to recent trials conducted in the Journal of Clinical Investigation). Researchers found that CBD oil may decrease the overall inflammation that your body is experiencing, and seeing as acne is essentially inflamed skin, it only makes sense to ponder whether CBD oil will be helpful.

CBD Oil was shown to prevent activity in your sebaceous glands, which are the vehicles for producing sebum (an oily substance that keeps your skin hydrated). When you have too much sebum, you get a slick and oily surface on your skin, leading to acne. This all sounds fantastic, but it isn’t set in stone – be sure to ask your dermatologist whether they feel like CBD vape oil is a solid option for treating your acne.

Treating Cancer

The one that most are interested in would be the usage of CBD oil for treating their cancer. This would come in the most concentrated form possible, as well as an abundance of it – there have been studies looking to the prevention of cancer cell growth through CBD oil application, but there’s nothing concrete yet. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) says that CBD may play a role in easing the symptoms of cancer, as well as being a solid option for treating cancer side effects. The NCI still won’t state that marijuana or CBD oil is a solid medicinal option for treating cancer, as when you say that it works, you have to be 100% sure.

It’s capable of moderating inflammation within the human body so that in itself is a blessing in disguise – this means that it can control the growth of cells with relative ease. Tumor cells reproduce quickly, but when you introduce CBD into the equation, it’s almost like putting an additional army into your body to fight back (or so the research would lead us to believe).

The Proof is in the Pudding!

There are many different benefits to using CBD oil, but you have to make sure that you’re applying it in the right sense – you’ve also got to be realistic. All of these studies are promising and should bring hope to many people; it’s worth a try, at least! Researchers will continue to work on figuring out the true benefits of CBD oil, but in the meantime, we can have our (relatively educated) guesses!

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